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Neck Scarves - Print Patterns

Welcome to Ellie's neck scarves in prints. Unless otherwise noted, fabric is 100% polyester chiffon or satin. Chiffon is delicate sheer fabric and comes in several styles.  Some chiffon is embellished with duccos-- disc-shaped vinyl sequins that give a sparkle effect.  Some chiffon has iridescent threads running through it.  Other may have a sheen on the surface that gives an iridescent shimmer.  Some chiffon fabrics have a delicate lengthwise pleat, and some have random crinkles that provide a slight stretchy effect. This stretch is minimal, however, and does not alter the size of the scarf, but simply gives a unique texture to the fabric.  Sometimes I locate a silk or a soft, light-weight cotton that will be appropriate for my accents. Again, the fabric content will be noted for the item.

All neck scarves come with a matching 'purse scarf'-- a miniature scarf for your purse to match your neck scarf.  Purse scarves may also be tied in your hair or in a bow on your neck scarf for enhancement.  Whatever use you find for them, however, 'purse scarves' are their designated term.

Neck scarves are made of the same fabrics as the head scarves.   As with the head scarves, the fabric is purchased seasonally, in small amounts at local stores.  Because each scarf is created individually, many one of a kind, the scarf you purchase may truly be unique.

Depending on the fabric, neck scarves measure approximately 12” x 65".  And because each scarf is cut individually, measurements will vary, but will be indicated for each scarf.  Purse scarves measure approximately 4" x 30", but again, each measurement will be listed.

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